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Company core

  • Iterate.

    It’s extremely hard to know exactly how things should be, not even our customers know this - so how could we? Iteration is your friend in the land of uncertainty.

  • Be humble.

    Be humble and see the beauty in learning from others. Cherish every opportunity to work with people that are more experienced or have more knowledge than yourself.

  • Give feedback.

    We can’t grow without feedback. Assume everyone at Skira is attractive, intelligent, hard-working and well-meaning. With that in mind, your direct and constructive feedback will probably be greeted with open arms.

  • Be curious.

    Questions should be driven by genuine curiosity and not for controlling; we need to understand. Without understanding, bad decisions will be made.

  • Celebrate.

    All victories and failures are worthy of celebration. While striving towards mastery, you should celebrate each and every trial to succeed.

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