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What we do:
Skira Operation is designing and controlling the process from the finalised deal on the platform to the goods and money transfered and received, meeting and over-achieving customer expectations in all the steps of the way. 

We're also, together with the tech-team, ensuring we have Sweden's most sophisticated ordering delivery system.

How we do it:

  • Skira Demos

    Every other Friday at 3pm everyone at Skira knows where to be - it's time for Skira Demos. During at least one hour anyone gets to present all the extraordinary things that has happened during the last sprint. It doesn't matter which department you belong to - we're all in the same team and we wish to celebrate both successes and fails together. Transparency is not only a core value delivered to our customers - it's a core value for the entire company.

  • OKRs

    We believe company growth not to be possible without personal growth. This is why we use OKRs, Objectives and Key Results, as a framework for defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes. The concept, generally attributed to former Intel CEO Andy Grove, is widely used at companies such as Google, Twitter and Uber. The entire company is dedicated to the framework and, following our strive for transparency, your personal OKRs are internally visible for everyone and closely connected to company goals and vision.

This is worth doing

"For me, Skira is something unique. As a highly value-driven person, I feel privileged to get to work with amazing colleagues and together create stuff that truly makes a difference. Perhaps this is why the average time from idea to implementation is so incredibly short, which I just love. Everyone at Skira is creating impact and Skira as a team is making more and more impact on the world."

Jacob Morén

Company core

It’s extremely hard to know exactly how things should be, not even our customers know this - so how could we? Iteration is your friend in the land of uncertainty.
Be humble.
Be humble and see the beauty in learning from others. Cherish every opportunity to work with people that are more experienced or have more knowledge than yourself.
Give feedback.
We can’t grow without feedback. Assume everyone at Skira is attractive, intelligent, hard-working and well-meaning. With that in mind, your direct and constructive feedback will probably be greeted with open arms.
Be curious.
Questions should be driven by genuine curiosity and not for controlling; we need to understand. Without understanding, bad decisions will be made.
All victories and failures are worthy of celebration. While striving towards mastery, you should celebrate each and every trial to succeed.

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